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Aug 24 2012

Week One– Check!

I made it through week one! Instead of having a million things on my mind I constantly think about my students now. It’s been awesome meeting everyone and appreciating the variety of people that sit in my classroom. I teach mostly 9th graders, but definitely 10th and 11th graders as well.  Everyday by 7th period I’m exhausted. I have to say some periods are easier than others, but overall I think we’ve set a positive and hardworking tone for our classroom.   We’ll see how it goes!

During morning duty outside I think an ant bit me on the foot.  It may have been a fire ant.  It was on Wednesday and I still have a giant itchy painful welt and it constantly reminds me that it’s still there…  Readers, you might think, girl that’s nasty, don’t share that with us.   But actually, I think it’s cool that one ant could cause so much trouble.  It’s like that starfish story (look it up, apparently The Star Thrower may be the original story).  If one ant can cause so much trouble and create so much thought, well one person must certainly be able to do the same/if not more. Of course hopefully for the better not the worse.  Connection I’m trying (poorly) to make: Teachers make a difference.  I’m a teacher… I make (or will make) a difference :D  But real talk, I hope the thing on my foot goes away soon, it keeps looking worse =/

Tomorrow, we have to go to professional development in Cleveland MS. It’s a 6 hour drive round-trip for a 5 hour training… o.O  It’ll be alright and I know I need the training anyway.

I can’t believe I’m now a high school teacher. Even though I was exhausted by the time my last class ended today, I know I’m enjoying what I’m doing.

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